Protect your work tool and your teams with the P3 Mask * high quality protection to work safely!

We all work in closed places: offices, factories ... or in contact with the public: public transport, department stores, grocery store, small businesses, security guard, taxi, personal service ... All these situations are favorable contamination and therefore quarantine of the company with the consequence of stopping production or services. Unlike masks that can be used when contaminated, our masks are made to protect against contamination.

Our silicone masks allow you to work in maximum safety and comfortably without having to change protection every 3 hours. All the components of our masks are manufactured and assembled in Europe. Mask Covid-19, is directed by a French engineer specializing in technological and plastic industrial production in France and Asia.

To meet strong European demand, our quantities are limited. Contact us quickly for specifications and prices to reserve your masks in our weekly production schedule.

NF-EN-140 P3 half mask

Class P3 filter masks purify existing air when it passes through the filter. Stop at least 99.95%, i.e. penetration of less than 0.05% (In comparison: FFP2 class filter masks for hospital workers, stop at least 94% of these aerosols, i.e. penetration of less than 6% and N95 with less than 5% penetration)

European Standard 140: 1998, EN 14387 204 + A1 2008, EN 143 2000 / A1 2006 and the health and hygiene requirements of Royal Decree 1407/1992. Notified Control Body responsible for CE examination - Apave Sudeurope SAS Notified Body 0082, CS60193,13322 Marseille.

  • Silicone mask for maximum comfort
  • Folded filter technology. This significantly reduces the respiratory resistance and increases the lifespan of the particulate filters.
  • Washable mask with soap and water (detach the filter and wash the entire mask)
  • Cleanable filter support (the filter is retracted a few millimeters which allows you to wash the support with a wipe)
  • Long lasting protection. You replace the filter only when the respiratory resistance becomes difficult (In a very dusty environment it will have to be changed more often)
  • Adjustable straps for optimum adjustment
  • 5 year shelf life (if stored according to conditions)

Can't buy masks for your business !

"China, the world's largest mask producer, has been purchasing inventory worldwide since January. Preventive procedures encourage users to change disposable masks every day. This means that China needs 530 million masks per day.

Even reducing the need for manufacturing, health care and minimal transportation, 238 million people still need masks every day. In January, 3,000 companies reported producing masks, thermometers and other medical equipment. Since then, 3,600 companies have been added to produce more. A representative from the China Textile Trade Association said that China could produce up to 180 million masks a day by the end of February.

From January 24 to February 11, total imports of health products including masks, overalls, glasses, etc. reached 870 million units. "


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